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Chew and Chelten CDC and The McClain Foundation presents: YO, PUT THE GUN DOWN (A Hip-Hop Symphony)

Updated: Jan 18

December 10th and 11th, 2021 @ The Circus Campus, Philadelphia, PA

An Anti-Gun Violence Musical Theatre Performance and Outreach Program that uses performing and creative art therapy as an initiative to provide our community's vulnerable youth population with a safe and inclusive space to process the trauma of gun violence in their lives, alongside the positive challenges, mentorship, mental health resources, and career opportunities this initiative offers.

A Message from the Director:

Dear Philadelphia Community,

Welcome to the SHOW!

Throughout this past year, I have been grateful and excited by your support for the renovation of our site at the Chew and Chelten Center for The Arts, 5652 Chew Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19132. I know that the issues of gun violence amongst our youth and young adults in the African American community has caused so much pain and devastation to all of us, but we know that God is in control of this tragic situation no matter how the “air of melancholy surrounds” us.

Although the musical theatre program addresses the overt and death staining reality concerning the many circumstances revolving around gun-violence, it also presents themes that reflects the need for unity, love, and renewed ideas towards achievement amongst our youth and young adults.

In my many years working in theatre at any level, I have never experienced a sense of urgency to write a script and then produce it with the feeling that produced so much somber and sadness with each aspect of engagement for this project. But what has given me hope despite the reality of our children losing their lives and promises to the senseless act of Black-on-Black crimes, is that YO, PUT THE GUN DOWN! (A Hip-Hop Symphony) through its musical theatre presentation, offers hope for conflict resolution and attempts to provide an alternative to gun violence as one of many tactics we must implement to end this public health crisis.

Douglas Rucker Creator and Director

Watch the 2021 recap!

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